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Name: Jade Hang Nyguyen

Codename: Cheshire

Faceclaim: Jamie Chung

Age: 17 
Grade: Junior 
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Power(s)/Abilities: Jade has no metahuman powers, but is an extremely skilled mercenary, who specializes in martial arts and poisons. Black Canary once said [in Birds of Prey #63] that Chesire was the world’s second-best assassin [the first being Lady Shiva]. While this younger version of Jade hasn’t quite reached that level, she is incredibly dangerous. She’s high-ranking in several martial arts [Vovinam Vo Viet Dao being her favorite, in which she’s a red belt] and typically mixes her own poisons so she’s the only one with an antidote. Chesire’s also very skilled at stealth, and is rarely be heard or seen unless she wants to be. She speaks English, French, Vietnamese, and Cantonese, and is fairly good at faking accents. 
Brief Personality Description: Her codename is accurate— she enjoys toying with and manipulating people just like how cats ‘play’ with mice. Her father’s abuse left no marks on her personal self-esteem, but it has given her extensive trust issues and an immediate dislike of men who remind her of her father. She’s confident in her abilities, but constantly seeks to improve. Whether she was born with ambition or is subconsciously trying to impress her father, well… that’s up to interpretation. She has some empathy, but it’s lower than average, which allows her to complete her contracts without feeling guilty. 
Brief Bio: The daughter of Paula Nguyen [former professional thief] and Lawrence Crock [professional mercenary], she was trained by both of them from the tender age of 4 in their respective trades. And what do you get when you put together stealth with killing? A really, really good assassin. Paula was paralyzed from the waist down in an accident when Jade was 8 and [voluntarily] took the fall for some of Lawrence’s crimes. After getting out on parole when Jade was 12, she became addicted to heroin and retreated into herself, offering no relief from Lawrence’s abuse. Her father’s abuse was psychological [gaslighting], physical [in the guise of ‘making her tougher’], and emotional [guilt trips, verbal harrassment, etc.]. Jade’s been all over the world to observe and help her father with his contracts since the age of 14, and actually completed a few contracts [17 people overall when you include bodyguards and unfortunate witnesses] under Lawrence’s supervision. He enrolled her in the school to gather information on potential heroes and villains, as well as spying on the staff. Since joining the school last year as a sophmore, she’s become familiar with the place, and can get almost anywhere by sneaking through walls, air ducts, and other means. 

Name/Alias: Summer
Age: 17
Time Zone: Central U.S. 

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Name: Stephanie Brown

Codename: Batgirl

Faceclaim: Alona Tal

Age: 17 soon to turn 18

Grade: Senior

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Power(s)/Abilities: Stephanie is a non meta hero. Advance gymnastics skills.  Advance combat skills. Average strength for a teen in good physical condition.

Brief Personality Description: Stephanie is a very positive person, some may think too positive. She’s very cheery and is consider a great friend by all the friends she managed to keep after her “death”. She manages to get on people’s good side most of the time. Though it can change by the fact that she tends to put silly nick names on people, even on her adversaries. Some people may find her a little immature for her age, but on the contrary, with all the things she’s lived through, she’s very mature.

Brief Bio: Stephanie Brown is the daughter of Crystal and Arthur Brown. She adopted the identity of Spoiler as an attempt to stop her father to continue committing crimes as Batman’s rogue, Cluemaster. After he was locked up in jail yet again, Batman continued training Stephanie as Spoiler. She also had a long romantic relationship with the third Robin, Timothy Drake during this time. At the age of fifteen she gave birth to a baby fathered by her no good ex-boyfriend. After some tragic events and Tim’s father finding out about he’s superhero identity and eventually retiring, Steph took over the mantle with a homemade costume. A few months after those events and a fight with Bruce, she was fired as Robin and went back to being Spoiler until she caused a gang war that led to her “death” by hands of Black Mask. Years after it was revealed she never died and in fact had been living in Africa with Doctor Leslie Tompkins as a way to her mother safe when her secret identity was exposed to several criminals in Gotham City. A few months after her comeback, Cassandra Cain, AKA Batgirl, handed her the Batgirl costume after battling some thugs. Stephanie has taken over the identity of Batgirl ever since and is dedicated to bring hope in a better tomorrow to people of Gotham.

Name/Alias: Hemelyn, Hem, Lyn.

Age: 18

Time Zone: GMT-8:00 (PST)